The Deeper Stuff

As a registered nurse, I have worked in a number of areas including critical care, pediatrics, hospice, home health, travel nursing, women’s health, and mental health. I have seen some really sad things and some really incredible things. I have cared for the tiniest babies in an inner-city hospital, worked night shifts with critically ill patients, held the hands of those at the end of their life’s journey, and spent five years working with a special kiddo who I loved and cared for until she passed away. Working with people on such a personal level has taught me something very important about human beings: We all want to be seen. We all wonder if we matter. We all struggle being human. As a struggling human myself, I know what it’s like to smile when I’m hurting inside, to feel hopeless under the weight of depression, and to seriously wonder about my purpose. Basically, I need all the help I can get and I’m totally cool with that. Therapy? You bet. Medication? Yep. Hours of listening to podcasts about mental health? Uh-huh. Working with a life coach? Absolutely. I am committed to working on myself because my health and happiness depend on it. I take a holistic approach to my own wellness and I take the same approach in my coaching practice. I have always had a special interest in neuroscience and psychology as a nurse and I am a firm believer that science and spiritual practices can be used together to offer healing and lasting change.