Hello and welcome to my comfy couch!

What’s on your mind? I’m here to listen. This is a safe place to explore your thoughts and ideas. Life can be messy and you don’t have to do it alone. Come as you are and leave with helpful coping skills, clarity, awareness, and confidence that you can do hard things. How does that sound? If you’re ready, I have a comfy couch waiting just for you.

Hi!, I’m Angie!

I’m a wife and mom of three living in Sandy, Utah. I have a nursing degree from Westminster College and I am a certified Life Coach through the Life Purpose Institute. I like to keep it real with honesty and humor. I enjoy watching football and eating anything with sugar. I’m still looking for the stash of candy that my husband hid somewhere in our house and it is my life’s goal to find it. I want to live on the beach, comfy sweatshirts are my thing, and I’m currently grateful for leggings with pockets.


That’s a common question! I also wondered the same thing when I first started looking for a coach. Is it therapy? Counseling? Consulting? I wasn’t sure. Perhaps I could explain it using my own experience: As a client, I have found that therapy and coaching provide different experiences and both are important tools in my healing journey. Therapy helps me navigate the ups and downs of life and we spend time discussing issues from the past and present that are affecting my mental health. Coaching provides a supportive space for me to put what I am learning into action. I get to try out new ways of thinking and discover what is working in my life and what is not. As a coach, I see myself as a mentor, supporter, and ally. I am not a psychotherapist and I do not diagnose or provide counsel that is beyond my scope of practice. My coaching style is unique and sessions are individualized according to what you need. Because I come from a medical background, I like to integrate evidence-based theory along with holistic health practices to customize each session. In the end, my goal is to empower you and help you learn the coping skills needed to make healthy decisions for yourself.

how can i help you?

Are you struggling with lingering health issues? Feeling stressed out and depleted? Silently suffering with emotional turmoil? Feeling out of touch with who you are or what you want? Grieving the loss of someone in your life? Going through a faith or life transition? Struggling in your relationships? Longing to feel seen, heard and validated? I’m here for you. Come hang out on my couch.

If you still wonder if coaching is for you, I’d love to answer your questions! Feel free to reach out via email at angiescouch1@gmail.com so that we can set up a specific time to chat.

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