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“We’ve all been there before”, a statement that cannot really be made when it comes to burying your dead relative or friend. Especially when talking about who is actually involved in the decision making process behind laying a loved one into the ground. Many people do not have to involve themselves in funeral or memorial service planning, at worst they just have to attend and at best they send a card and their condolences.

That is why I felt it was a good idea to write this article about places that will help you with the planning and execution of a funeral service at a funeral home or church. Not many people cover it but it need to be talked about so that there are more resources out there for the family members who do not know where to turn when their family member has died. I wish that I had had a resource like this when my Grandmother died, though I wasn’t as involved in the planning (that was left up to my parents). I suppose I just wanted someone to talk to at the time, and I am going to cover that here as well.

Funeral Homes

There are many great funeral homes in the United States that are instrumental in helping to plan the service and event that will accompany burying your deceased relative. The homes that are worth their weight in gold are the ones that take the extra time to check in with you and see how you are getting on through the process, and if you need any other help emotionally and mentally beyond picking the flowers, music, and procession arrangement. A good funeral service director know that its more than just who is going to speak (and who won’t be speaking because the parties weren’t speaking BEFORE the death either), they know that it is about making sure you feel you’ve done your best for the person in their last moment of notoriety on Earth.

My parents utilized a service called Funeral Home Finder when my grandmother passed away, a place they found on the internet that had sourced great funeral homes in major cities around the U.S. I think it worked out well because we liked the funeral home that we dealt with. They had a great reputation, they took care of us, and they helped put on a service and event that was befitting of the kind of woman my grandmother was. I am not sure which information is on their Facebook and which is on their Google Plus account, so here is the link to that:

Whatever you do, pick the best place when it comes to putting on funerals, its not a category you want to skimp on.


Grief therapy is real and sometimes very necessary, when you have lost a loved one. There are specialists in the field of psychotherapy who cover nothing but this type of therapy in their practice. Many people think that getting over a loved one is just something that happens with time. And true, it does dissipate the more distance comes in between the event and time, but if you have unfinished business, unspoken words, or there was tension and anger between you and the deceased before their time on Earth was done; you may have a wound that cannot heal without patience and expression.

I did not have this with my grandmother, but my mother definitely did. She felt there were many unsaid things between them, and that when my grandmother died she still felt that she wasn’t proud of who my mother had become. That is a very terrible feeling to have when you can no longer do anything about it. So the only thing you CAN do is vent and get these feelings and emotions out of your body so that they don’t fester. Time may heal all wounds but not if that wound is constantly being opened up by remembering or acknowledging unspoken grievances between you and a dead family member or friend.

It can also help to see someone even for a short period of time to try and make sense of life and death. It is not easy to comprehend why we come and go and what happens to us once we do, so having someone who can openly discuss it with you that will not be upset by the need to have said discussion, is very valuable.


Those are the two things I believe must be found in order to get past a loss in your life, if you are going to move on and reframe your mind.